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1059 Columbia AvenueCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.383237550Fee Simple
4181 O'Hear AvenueCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.161261950Fee Simple
4286 O'Hear AvenueCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.1428787.40Fee Simple
4330 O'Hear AvenueCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston1.76190650.280Fee Simple
461 Fort Johnson RoadTown of James IslandJames Island7.378958960Fee Simple
6946 Orvin StreetCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston5.184780720Fee Simple
Accessible (ADA Compliant) Beach WalkoverCity of Folly BeachFolly Beach0.215736.51660Improvements Only
Angel Oak Park ExpansionCity of CharlestonJohns Island6.495180000Fee Simple
Angel Oak Phase ILowcountry Open Land TrustJohns Island18.72500000929000Fee Simple
Angel Oak Phase ITown of SeabrookJohns Island0500000Fee Simple
Angel Oak Phase IILowcountry Open Land TrustJohns Island1724000001185000Fee Simple
Angel Oak Phase IITown of SeabrookJohns Island0200000Fee Simple
Aragon StreetCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston1.18246640Fee Simple
Battery Island LandingCharleston County Park & Recreation CommissionJames Island0.9530000031360Fee Simple
Beachwalker Drive & Bridge ImprovementsTown of KiawahKiawah Island012036122699Improvements Only
Bear Swamp RoadCity of CharlestonCharleston014100001400000Fee Simple
Bear Swamp RoadCity of CharlestonCharleston203.5451409343.756000000Fee Simple
Belle Vista BluffLowcountry Open Land TrustMeggett61255000927000Conservation Easement
Birt Property (Noisette Creek)City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston3.43462575.50Fee Simple
Britton Family PropertyEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island48.2052150001220500Conservation Easement
Bryans DiaryLowcountry Open Land TrustJohns Island8526375002134700Conservation Easement
Bugby PlantationLowcountry Open Land TrustWadmalaw Island89024000008459600Conservation Easement
Bulls Bay TractThe Nature ConservancyAwendaw1946237001158300Fee Simple
Bulls Bay VillageTown of Awendaw/PRCAwendaw60.6928500003820000Fee Simple
C. Belser Sunnyside PlantationEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island62.48224000621500Conservation Easement
CAGE Organization ProjectMount Pleasant Land ConservancyMount Pleasant435000010000Fee Simple
CWS - O'HearCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston1.43202350Fee Simple
Camp Ho Non WahCoastal Boys Council, Inc.Wadmalaw Island14611678401506460Conservation Easement
Carolina Park Sports Fields (Grey Marsh Road)Town of Mount PleasantMount Pleasant92700008200Fee Simple
Cassina Point PlantationLowcountry Open Land TrustEdisto Island104265625810694Conservation Easement
Cedar HallLowcountry Open Land TrustEdisto Island60100000341670Conservation Easement
Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding (CATR)Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding, Inc.Johns Island37700000272500Fee Simple
Church Flats BatterySC Battleground Preservation Trust, Inc.Hollywood1.137809417889Fee Simple
City North Charleston's Ellis Park (1325 Sumner Avenue)City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston2.74323098500Fee Simple
City of Charleston's Magnolia Park and Community GardenMount Pleasant Land ConservancyCharleston3.741050050400Fee Simple
City of Folly Beach's Bark Park (512 East Erie Avenue)City of Folly BeachFolly Beach0.23203253.519990Fee Simple
City of North Charleston's Chicora-Cherokee Community ParkCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.27407880Fee Simple
Clark TractSCDNRHollywood88154000219000Fee Simple
Colony North-Desoto DriveCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston3.7672424480Fee Simple
Community Life Enrichment CenterCommunity Life Enrichment Center, Inc.Ravenel11.65915001245275Fee Simple
Creek FarmEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island782819161511500Conservation Easement
Cummings Point/Morris IslandCity of CharlestonCharleston118263530.474742449Fee Simple
Dixie Plantation North Forest TractsCollege of Charleston FoundationHollywood/Meggett90598200645700Fee Simple
Dogwood RoadSt. Andrews Parish Parks & PlaygroundCharleston2.7365000198000Fee Simple
Dupre IslandUS Fish and Wildlife ServiceMcClellanvilee19.281500022500Fee Simple
Dupree FarmLowcountry Open Land TrustWadmalaw Island7775000206100Conservation Easement
East Dolphin StreetCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston16.5252035330Fee Simple
East Dolphin Street (Walker)City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston12.071357050Fee Simple
East Enterprise StreetCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.7577968.50Fee Simple
Edisto County Park ExpansionEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island107000070000Fee Simple
Edisto Packers TractUS Fish and Wildlife ServiceHollywood29.8330000513469Fee Simple
Ellis OaksCity of CharlestonJames Island14300004450Fee Simple
Elsey PlaceLowcountry Open Land TrustCharleston159150000655718Conservation Easement
Fairfield PlantationLowcountry Open Land TrustMcClellanville480323250984034Conservation Easement
Fields TractProgressive Club of Johns IslandJohns Island10.48158700368000Fee Simple
Flynn PropertyCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.13266610Fee Simple
Four Mile ParkFour-Mile Community AssociationMount Pleasant0.882699506250Fee Simple
Fred Sosnowski PropertyLowcountry Open Land TrustWadmalaw Island1463750001318200Conservation Easement
Frogmore PlantationLowcountry Open Land TrustEdisto Island4693000289876Conservation Easement
Full Faith Ministries ParkFull Faith MinistriesJohns Island9.6781977007300Fee Simple
Gillespie TractTown of HollywoodMeggett210.821477500607000Fee Simple
Glover ParkTen Mile Neighborhood AssociationAwendaw11140785016000Fee Simple
Graves Ashe Point FarmEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island126.9344590527500Conservation Easement
Gregory O'Hear Avenue (5 parcels)City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston9.861370720Fee Simple
Gun Bluff Plantation IILowcountry Open Land TrustEdisto Island1564350251318911.5Conservation Easement
Hall II TractCity of CharlestonCharleston23.73837373002042500Fee Simple
Hampton, IncThe Nature ConservancyMcClellanville11247028001820200Conservation Easement
Hastings Governors Bluff PlantationEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island139.83950001360500Conservation Easement
Hermitage PlantationDucks UnlimitedAdams Run10863750001685970Conservation Easement
Hills-Gowan PropertyLowcountry Open Land TrustJohns Island57266650814396Conservation Easement
Indigo FarmsEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island1023718402916660Conservation Easement
James Island Rec. Off Leash Dog Park (Harbor Woods Tract)City of CharlestonJames Island121806807.5146200Fee Simple
Jefferson TractTown of AwendawAwendaw29251700002930000Fee Simple
Jennie Moore Nature TrailCAGE (Community Action Group for Encouragement)Mount Pleasant2236500178000Fee Simple
Karen Belser - Sunny SideEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island122.787000269400Conservation Easement
Keefe TractEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island66325000882000Conservation Easement
Kinlaw TractLowcountry Open Land TrustEdisto Island1424000001416160Conservation Easement
Lake House at BulowCharleston County Park & Recreation CommissionCharleston3224075000841500Fee Simple
Lakeland & Hartford GreenspaceCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston2.229364503600Fee Simple
Lambert Avenue GreenspaceCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.38543380Fee Simple
LegarevilleLowcountry Open Land TrustJohns Island1002775001956682Conservation Easement
Little Lake Family ParkTown of RavenelRavenel680000082300Fee Simple
Mayor Carmen R. Bunch Park City of Isle of PalmsIsle of Palms1.07474305884045Fee Simple
Middleton PlantationEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island9.15125000398000Conservation Easement
Mixson AvenueCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.25984447.190Fee Simple
Murrell TractUS Forest ServiceMcClellanville96200000213500Fee Simple
Newton Family - Frogmore PlantationEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island149.32315000835500Conservation Easement
Oak Grove Farm IIThe Nature ConservancyWadmalaw Island2095310001605000Conservation Easement
Oak Hill FarmThe Nature ConservancyMcClellanville64300000306500Fee Simple
Oak Hill FarmThe Nature ConservancyMcClellanville324290080752420Conservation Easement
Oak Point VlLowcountry Open Land TrustWadmalaw Island624000513000Conservation Easement
Oak Point VlllLowcountry Open Land TrustWadmalaw Island1976000431787Conservation Easement
Old House PlantationLowcountry Open Land TrustEdisto Island269276500840500Conservation Easement
P. Mikell Peters Point PlantationEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island184.39300000960500Conservation Easement
Palmetto PlantationThe Nature ConservancyMcClellanville7859210002166000Conservation Easement
Palmetto PointLowcountry Open Land TrustJohns Island146123750397582Conservation Easement
Papa's IslandUS Fish and Wildlife ServiceMcClellanville104.03188000384500Fee Simple
Paradise Shrimp FarmEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island505.49000001127000Conservation Easement
Phillips CommunityPhillips CommunityMount Pleasant1.9221000054300Fee Simple
Phillips Community (Oliver Brown Road)Phillips CommunityMount Pleasant1.9220000030400Fee Simple
Phillips Community AssociationMount Pleasant Land ConservancyMount Pleasant3.8436103051500Fee Simple
Polk TractEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island743150001282000Conservation Easement
Portion of Millbrook PlantationLowcountry Open Land TrustCharleston21120750373537Conservation Easement
Pressley PropertyCalvary AME ChurchNorth Charleston1.195650000Fee Simple
Racket HallLowcountry Open Land TrustWadmalaw Island2449380002915600Conservation Easement
Ravens PointLowcountry Open Land TrustJohns Island3326250001896725Conservation Easement
Remount Road GreenspaceCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston5.8751101977.470Fee Simple
Rice - Sunnyside PlantationEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island55.2690000425500Conservation Easement
Rifle Range Road Property AcquisitionTown of Mount PleasantMount Pleasant180.577465716113567839Fee Simple
Rivers Avenue (069)City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston34821111000Fee Simple
Rosebank PlantationLowcountry Open Land TrustWadmalaw Island10347502502293362Conservation Easement
Roxbury ParkTown of MeggettYonges Island156.7265900061000Fee Simple
S. Rhett (ROW)City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.1669310Fee Simple
SC Center for Birds of PreyLowcountry Open Land TrustAwendaw153267500813459Conservation Easement
Salt LandingThe Nature ConservancyEdisto Island5726510002162000Conservation Easement
Sand Creek - Legacy Live OakEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island12.421620036500Fee Simple
Sand Creek FarmThe Nature ConservancyEdisto Island2175693751452750Conservation Easement
Sasser - Sunnyside PlantationEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island82.652680001192500Conservation Easement
Seafood LaneTen Mile Neighborhood AssociationAwendaw1.08220141.55503.9Fee Simple
SnowdenSnowden Community Civic Assn.Mount Pleasant4.2954014013000Fee Simple
Sosnowski PropertiesLowcountry Open Land TrustWadmalaw Island1784500001586700Conservation Easement
Spartanburg Ave (101)City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston3.6891073520Fee Simple
Spartanburg Ave (102)City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston6.857560210000Fee Simple
Spartanburg Ave (248 & 209)City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston340593.770Fee Simple
Spring Grove County ParkCharleston County Park & Recreation CommissionAdams Run63820875001197000Fee Simple
St. James Santee Parish Preservation Committee's Wambaw TractThe Village MuseumMcClellanville100200000412000Fee Simple
Stono Ferry BattlefieldSC Battleground Preservation Trust, Inc.Hollywood1.3839816918710Fee Simple
Stono Ferry Battlefield/Church Flats Civil War CamSC Battleground Preservation Trust, Inc.Hollywood17.1382943048914Fee Simple
Sweetgrass ProjectSweetgrass SocietyMcClellanville711596500130000Fee Simple
Tea Farm Creek ParkTown of Ravenel & CCPRCRavenel3941450000792727Fee Simple
Ten Mile Community Heritage FarmTen Mile Neighborhood AssociationMount Pleasant6.871072700100000Fee Simple
The FarmLowcountry Open Land TrustMeggett3384000304900Conservation Easement
The Gullah Cultural CenterThe St. James FoundationCharleston7.15617454299900Fee Simple
The Gullah Cultural CenterTown of James IslandJames Island02000000Fee Simple
Thomas M. Evans, Sr. Community CenterCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston1.205283492.50Fee Simple
Thompson - SunnysideEdisto Island Open Land TrustEdisto Island87.78220000705500Conservation Easement
Thompson TractLowcountry Open Land TrustWadmalaw Island2345000279731Conservation Easement
Thornhill Farm a.k.a The FarmEast Cooper Land TrustMcClellanville93.961340000488400Fee Simple
Tibwin ProjectThe Nature ConservancyMcClellanville90040000004050000Fee Simple
Town of Sullivan's Island Nature TrailTown of Sullivan's IslandSullivan's Island190197774120000Improvements Only
Tract ACity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston19.5518386148000Fee Simple
Tract BCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston10.49443868.03225942Fee Simple
Tract DCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.512150823300Fee Simple
Tract ECity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston11090085300Fee Simple
Tract FCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston69.53503386160000Fee Simple
Two Pines TractThe Nature ConservancyMcClellanville81310000002655000Conservation Easement
Vacant Parcel on Spruill Avenue & Noisette CreekCity of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.125375740Fee Simple
Vacant Parcels on Spruill Ave.City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.28781366.630Fee Simple
Village Green Park (Old Cemetery Open Space)Town of McClellanvilleMcClellanville1.603370006950Fee Simple
Village Green Park - (Pinckney St.)Town of McClellanvilleMcClellanville3.0773000104536Fee Simple
Village ShaftsburyCity of CharlestonCharleston2.922767653000Fee Simple
Wadmawlaw Island Citizen's Improvement Committee's Community Park (5609 Katy Hill Road)Wadmalaw Island Citizens Improvement CommitteeWadmalaw Island6.25438008500Fee Simple
Waylyn Park (2676 Olympia Street)City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.14212160Fee Simple
Wideawake PlantationTown of HollywoodHollywood7.248000001157000Fee Simple
Wiggins - S. Rhett Ave.City of North CharlestonNorth Charleston0.29377800Fee Simple
Willtown Community ParkWiltown Improvement OrganizationAdams Run2121300066000Fee Simple
Woodland RoadCity of CharlestonCharleston91288295.138000Fee Simple

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